Planning is at the heart of a successful practice. We discuss approaches to strategic and operational planning, including undertaking a SWOT and PSTLE analysis and setting meaningful organisational and operational objectives. We also look at business continuity and general risk management. With this in mind, we discuss GDPR and data security risk.

“I’ll certainly use the checklists for compliance, Business Continuity Plan ideas, data security improvements. Thank you for all your enthusiasm and inspiration”

This session lasts from 10:00 to 16:30, with two tea breaks and a longer break for lunch. 

Single Course: £210
Single Course: £300
The session will take place on the 19th October. You can subscribe here (Thinkific) or here (Eventbrite)
This session can be taken as part of the Management Skills for Private Practice course. If you are interested in taking the whole course, click here.
Should you wish to book multiple sessions but not the entire course, please contact our Learning & Development Coordinator, Andrea Shumaker. For each additional session you book, you get a 10% discount. For instance, should you book 3 sessions, you would get 30% discount.
If you are unable to pay online, please contact Andrea and she will provide you with an invoice.