Membership – “One for all and all for legal aid!”

LAPG is a membership organisation that represents and provides support for legal aid practitioners. Our Advisory Committee is drawn from legal aid practitioners across all areas of law, from right across the country and from all types of providers (small, large, NfP and ABS). As an organisation, LAPG is well known for contributing to and influencing both operational and policy matters. We are committed to access to justice and to ensuring that the legal aid scheme is accessible to as many people as possible. We also believe that the scheme itself needs to be clear and fit for purpose and that the government must invest now to address years of malnourishment, neglect and deliberate and ill-judged cuts.

We also offer membership for barristers. In the current climate of fundamental changes to legal aid, barristers can also benefit from our specialist support services to members.

Our membership period runs from 1 January to 31 December.

For those with a legal aid contract, membership of LAPG is generally on an organisational rather than individual basis.  Barristers can join LAPG as individuals and we also have group membership schemes for chambers, consultants and representative bodies. Solicitors, costs lawyers or legal executives can join us on an individual basis.  Contact us if you have any queries about our membership schemes.

Its now time to renew (or join) for 2022

With the new membership year upon us it is now time to renew your membership or join us to help fight for legal aid.

2020 and 2021 were incredibly tough years for legal aid practitioners and those across the justice system.  In recognition of this, we reduced our membership fees for 2021 by 10% and we have frozen them for this year too.

Join now to help us fight for legal aid in the face of the Legal Support Action Plan that arose out of the LASPO Review and the Criminal Legal Aid Review. Help us to try to make the system work for providers and to increase access to all those who need legal advice and representation. Members receive substantial reductions when attending our conference or training events and benefit immediately from our support services. To join LAPG download the membership form below.

If you are a firm or not-for-profit agency, please join or renew by downloading a membership form:

Word (0.8MB) Standard fee

PDF (0.2MB) Standard fee

If you are an individual barrister, please download a barrister membership form:

Word (3.2MB)

PDF (0.1MB)

If you do not fit into either of the above categories, please contact us to discuss how we can tailor our membership to your needs.

Please support us now and renew your membership or join LAPG

For a better idea of what we do see this summary of our work in 2021. Our achievements include:

  • the Legal Aid Lawyer of the Year Awards – this year a truly marvelous online event

  • our biggest annual conference so far – an online event with almost 300 attendees

  • lobbying the MOJ on legal aid policy and need for investment

  • working with other representative bodies on contracts and tender process

  • well-attended training courses at very low fees for members – almost 400 supervision delegates in 4 years

  • delivering our Certificate in Practice Management course for managers and future managers and our new Intro to Legal Aid course

  • answering numerous members’ questions to help with specific operational issues

  • supporting practices facing harsh extrapolations, contract notices and tender issues

  • numerous meetings with the LAA and MoJ, working on practical and policy issues

  • running the All-Party Group on Legal Aid, in conjunction with Young Legal Aid Lawyers, and running training events for MPs and Councillors

  • around 50 members’ updates each year, keeping members up to date on important policy and operational issues

  • working with other organisations to effect change – lobbying, operational issues, CCMS, DV gateway, Crime and Civil consultations…

  • communicating the value of Legal Aid work to students at universities and colleges and talking realistically about their career options

Show your LAPG membership with pride with our new membership badges!

2022 Membership Fees 

After freezing fees for four year in a row we decided to reduce our fees by 10% last year as we know just how tough it is to run a legal aid organisation. We have maintained those fees for 2022.

No. of fee earners (includes all fee earners not just those carrying out legal aid work) Standard Fee  (Jan – Dec 2022)
1 – 5 fee earners £175.00
6 – 10 fee earners £265.00
11 – 20 fee earners £380.00
21 – 30 fee earners £520.00
31 – 50 fee earners £605.00
51+ fee earners £700.00
Non-contract holding rate £315.00