The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Legal Aid

To promote parliamentary and public understanding of the importance of the role of publicly funded legal services as a pillar of the welfare state and in reducing inequalities in society.

To scrutinize and influence any proposals for the reform of Legal Aid provision to ensure that access to justice for all members of society is preserved and improved.

Current Officers


Karen Buck MP


Baroness Helena Kennedy


Laura Farris MP


Gareth Bacon MP


Yvonne Fovargue MP


Lord Willy Bach


James Daly MP


Baroness Natalie Bennett


Andy Slaughter MP


Lord Colin Low


The APPG was established in July 2009, and is co-sponsored by the Legal Aid Practitioners Group (LAPG) and Young Legal Aid Lawyers (YLAL). The APPG brings together Members of the House of Lords and the House of Commons with the singular purpose to discuss issues relating to legal aid.



The APPG meets regularly when Parliament is sitting to discuss topics that are important in the legal aid sector and to hear from those that work within it.

Access the APPG website to learn more.

APPG+ Project

Grant funding from the Legal Education Foundation has enabled the APPG to extend its reach beyond Westminster by engaging MPs and Councillors across England and Wales (together with their casework staff) to improve their understanding of the legal aid system and the availability of legal aid and other sources of advice for their constituents.  We call this the APPG+ Project.  We are bringing stakeholders together from across the advice sector to work with and support MPs and Councillors to provide more effective casework services to their constituents.

For more information about the Project visit the APPG website.


We produce regular bulletins to keep our stakeholders up to date with all the current issues in legal aid.  The bulletins cover news, events, policy and operational issues and links to useful resources.

If you would like to subscribe to the bulletin please contact us.