Mentions in The Times

November 2022

Pro bono work ‘is propping up legal aid system’
Social welfare claims struggle in legal ‘advice deserts’

March 2022

Raab accused of ‘masterclass in deception’ over legal aid boost

Articles in Legal Action

December 2022

“Anyone familiar with the justice system is likely to be correct with a pessimistic assessment of its future.”

September 2022

“Does the government actually need to conduct yet another formal review?”

July 2022                                    

HPCDS proposals: a glaring omission

April 2022                      

Early Legal Advice Pilot: missing the point?

March 2022

“Change is afoot within the Ministry of Justice. It is slow and it is underpowered, but it is there.”

February 2022

LALY22 – 20 years of celebrating legal aid

November 2021

“I hope I will be proved wrong, and that we actually get what we need in 2022.”

September 2021

“Will amending the means test actually increase the number of clients receiving legal aid?”

June 2021

“What do providers need from future legal aid contracts?”

September 2021

“The government won’t be conducting comprehensive research on the legal aid sector, so we’re doing it ourselves.”

March 2021

“Changing how the Legal Aid Agency dishes out contracts could help ease the pressures on providers.”

February 2021                       

“Lockdown LALYs! The sequel …”

September 2020

“Could the latest review be a turning point for legal aid?”

July 2020

“The time has come to bring the legal aid sector’s sustainability issues into the public domain.”

April 2020

“When normality returns, client need will spike and the capacity deficit in the sector will be worse than ever.”

March 2020

“A survey from the Legal Aid Practitioners Group puts Legal Aid Agency decision-making in the spotlight”

February 2020

“A Cinderella sector among politicians, unknown and undervalued by the electorate.”
“Nominations open for LALY20, ‘the most important night for the legal aid community'”

November 2019

“On the first day of Christmas, the lord chancellor gave to me …”

September 2019

“The government is publicly acknowledging that when you remove legal aid, the magical funding fairy doesn’t swoop in.”

July 2019

“What does ‘early advice’ actually mean? Might we be advocating for something we don’t want?”

April 2019

“Does the government have the appetite to provide the investment needed to implement its Legal Support Action Plan?”

February 2019

“There is a growing sense that legal aid lawyers are a dying breed.”

April 2016

Research provides food for thought for the APPG on Legal Aid

All-Party Parliamentary Group on Legal Aid Press

Inquiry Into the Sustainability of Legal Aid

Prior to the COVID-19 crisis, those delivering legal aid were generally either doing so at a loss and/or reliant on subsidies from private work or grant funding. This was not a sector that was financially robust and able to withstand the severe reductions in income that have eventuated from the crisis. The crisis has had a severe economic impact on those delivering legal aid so, over a period of six months commencing October 2020, the Commission:

  1. held oral evidence sessions on Criminal Legal Aid, Family Legal Aid, Civil (Non-Family) Legal Aid, Experiences of the Bar, Access to Justice and the Future of the Legal Aid Workforce; and
  2. carried out an in-depth workforce survey to gather and analyse quantitative and qualitative data about financial viability and human resources to establish a comprehensive picture of how many organisations and practitioners are currently working in legal aid, their ability to enter and remain in the profession, their capacity to respond to client need, and in doing so to forecast how many legal aid firms and NfP organisations will still be practicing in this area in the years ahead.

The intention behind this research wasto gather the evidence required to assess the impact of the legislative climate and the pandemic upon access to justice and equality both for practitioners and members of the public. We hope that this will inform the policy-making that will determine how the legal aid system recovers from the crisis, both immediately and in the longer term.

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