Take a look at our current Training Programme.

We have moved all of our face-to-face courses online and designed them to accommodate your busy practice schedule. We are hoping to reinstate face-to-face sessions for some of our courses in the near future, but over the last year delegates have consistently told us that online courses can be more accessible and convenient for busy practitioners.

We offer courses for practitioners at all stages in the legal aid sector: paralegals, trainees, those new to legal aid work, supervisors, managers, and practice managers.

Introduction to Civil Legal Aid Online Course– NEW!

The Civil Legal Aid scheme is incredibly complex and the consequences of getting something wrong can be damaging to a client’s case or financially damaging to the organisation doing the work – sometimes both.

LAPG receives numerous member enquiries every month, many of which indicate

  1. A lack of understanding of the detail of the legal aid scheme and
  2. The difficulties practitioners face in maintaining a working knowledge of the scheme, as it changes regularly.

Our members often tell us that they would like to have access to a modular ‘Introduction to Legal Aid’ training programme taking newcomers to the sector through the potential minefield of legal aid work that they can use as a standard part of their internal training process for new recruits.

That is why we developed the first module in a series which provides a general introduction to the civil legal aid scheme aimed at trainees, paralegals, junior lawyers and those that wish to refresh their knowledge having worked in the sector for some time.

It is an online self-study modular course online that you complete at your own pace, with external links for up to date Legal Aid Agency information.

A number of organisations are now using this course as a standard part of their training process for new recruits

This course provides a comprehensive overview and introduction to the Civil Legal Aid scheme and the critical aspects of working within a legal aid contract.

In this introductory module we cover:

• Where the legal aid scheme and rules can be found
• The differences between Legal Help and Legal Representation
• The legal and financial tests applied in determining eligibility for legal aid
• The different forms of service available
• How to get legal aid in an emergency
• Rules on the statutory charge, costs protection and Exceptional Case Funding

The course has been developed by LAPG and tested by members of the LAPG Advisory Committee, members of the Young Legal Aid Lawyers (YLAL) and other legal aid practitioners.

Cost: £99 per person for LAPG members (in some cases, we offer discounted or free places for members of the Justice First Fellowship. Please, contact us for further details) and £125 per person for non-members.

To subscribe or for more details, please email anna.neira.quesada@lapg.co.uk

We are going to design more modules, and are very happy to hear from you with feedback on how to improve this course and ideas for future course areas.

Comments from delegates:

‘We haven’t been offered anything like this before- we were all pleased to see that this course had been offered as its useful for all legal aid solicitors, no matter what level. It’s good to go back to basics.’

‘It was a useful refresher on completing means and merits assessments for Legal Aid cases.’

‘To understand the different types of funding available other than certificated matters.’

‘It was a refresher course which was very helpful.’

‘Good – logical structure.’

‘Very useful in improving my understanding of the subject.’

‘It was easy to navigate and clear to understand.’

‘The course was easy to use and follow.’

‘I think for beginners to legal aid, it is perfect.’

Legal Aid Supervision Course

Make sure you comply with the 2018 Civil Contract and 2017 Crime Contract

If you need to attend a course to qualify as a legal aid supervisor, or check that you are up to date with the latest requirements, this is the course for you! Legal aid supervisors need knowledge of their subject and practice experience, which we can’t do for you; but if you are new to supervision, or haven’t supervised a full-time equivalent caseworker in the past 5 years, this course will ensure you meet the LAA’s Generic Supervisor Requirements (Section 2(ii) of the Supervisor Self-Declaration Forms).

Download the flyer for the full course content.

Dates and prices:

Following the success of our recent online supervision courses in 2020 and in January 2021, we have now scheduled our next virtual courses for:

Rather than force you to sit in front of your PC/Laptop/device for a full day we have split the content over two days, with sessions from 10.00-12.00 and 14.00-16.00 on each of the two training days to give you a chance to catch up on your work (or not).

Contact us if you have any questions about our courses or would like to add your name to the waiting list.

£210 for LAPG members; £250 for non-members

If you can’t pay online, contact LAPG Operations Officer, Anna Neira, on anna.neira.quesada@lapg.co.uk to book your place.

Many thanks to Herbert Smith Freehills, Hogan Lovells, Irwin Mitchell, NE Law Centre and Slater and Gordon for hosting our recent face-to-face courses.

Comments from delegates on previous courses:

‘The course made me feel much more knowledgeable about the supervision of legal aid contracts, also an excellent training environment, very relaxed and open for discussion.’

‘I liked the realistic and honest approach to the difficulties involved in supervision in the context of an LAA contract.’

‘Now I can go forward with supervision confident about the common issues and challenges.’

‘I was surprised by how enjoyable the course was, given it can be a dry subject.’

‘Attending via Zoom was good, the course was nicely divided into small manageable sections, which helped to keep focussed easier.’

‘This was a great course, thanks.’

Legal Aid Self-Supervisor Course – NEW!

This new course has been designed to help self-supervisors deal with their unique situation.

Most supervisor courses are designed for people supervising a team of people. We know there are lots of supervisors who are the only person working in their category of law and are therefore ‘self-supervising’. The LAA contract and quality standards are the same but the issues are different if you are working on your own.

We cover:
  • Supervision requirements in the Contract, SQM, Lexcel and the Code of Conduct as they apply to self-supervisors
  • Completing legal aid forms
  • Resource and time management when you are the only one doing the work
  • File review for self-supervisors
  • Looking after yourself with LawCare
Whether you are a new supervisor needing to attend a course to meet the LAA’s requirements or an experienced supervisor needing to attend a course simply because you don’t supervise anyone, this course will be relevant to you.
Your tutors: 
The course tutors are Matthew Howgate and Vicky Ling, experienced sector trainers and consultants, who are lead tutors on the LAPG Certificate of Practice Management.
We will be joined by a Law Care counsellor for the third session on day 2 of the course.
Dates and prices:

This course is being delivered online, with the content split over three sessions. Dates to be announced.

Sessions will run from 10.00-14.00 and 14.00-16.00 on the 9th and 14.00-16.00 on the 16th.

£179 for LAPG members; £225 for non-members

Note: discounts are in place for multiple bookings from the same organisation and for Justice First Fellows. Contact us for more information.

Contact us if you have any questions about our courses or would like to add your name to the waiting list.

If you can’t pay online, contact LAPG Operations Officer, Anna Neira, on anna.neira.quesada@lapg.co.uk to book your place.

LAPG Certificate in Practice Management

CPM Delegates (L-R) Ola Alalade, Dr Laura Janes, Jenny Beck, Craig Keenan and Holly Sherratt receive their certificates from Lord Bach at the 2017 LAPG Conference
Photo: Robert Aberman

Successfully piloted in 2015, the Certificate in Practice Management combines face-to-face training with online learning and materials to provide an accessible and affordable management training programme for busy lawyers and practice managers.

We have redesigned this course to cater for online delivery.

Download the Brochure for more information about the course: LAPG CPM

The course is designed around the Law Society LEXCEL standard (Version 6), the Specialist Quality Mark and the SRA competence framework.

The programme covers key areas including strategy, business planning and marketing, financial management, management information and dashboards, people and performance management, information management, compliance and risk management. For legal aid practitioners, it also covers managing a legal aid contract and working with the Legal Aid Agency.

Almost 90% of employers said they noticed that their colleague had increased confidence after the course and 100% said their management skills had improved.

The course trainers include: Matthew Howgate, Vicky Ling and Jo Edwards.

The CPM provides 20 hours of online specialist training sessions and assessments.

The full five day course fee is £499 for LAPG members and £649 for non-members, which covers online course work, training materials and text books (including the LAG Legal Aid Handbook).  You can attend one day (£149 for LAPG members and £199 for non-members) and half a day £89 for LAPG members and £99 for non-members).

Attend the whole course to receive the Certificate or each individual session as a discrete training course.  Attending individual sessions also earns you credits towards the full Certificate if you need the flexibility to complete the Certificate over a longer period of time.

We have set the dates and are taking bookings for our 2021 course:

To book all five days please contact anna.neira.quesada@lapg.co.uk.

Session 1: Financial Management – 26 May 2021  Click here to book this session.

Session 2: Business Planning and Risk Management – 23 June 2021 Click here to book this session.

Session 3: Marketing and Communications (a.m.) & Legal Aid Contracting (p.m.) – 21  July 2021 Click here to book this session

Session 4: Equality and Diversity & Leadership – 10 September 2021 Click here to book this session

Session 5: Managing People – 8 October 2021 Click here to book this session

If you would like to discuss the course or book your place please email anna.neira.quesada@lapg.co.uk.

Comments from delegates on previous courses:

‘I would recommend the CPM to other people, especially people who are relatively new to management.’ (Newly qualified solicitor)

‘I really enjoyed it, I thought it was great.’ (Manager with over 10 years’ experience)

‘Your training and support of our practice manager seems to have revolutionised our legal aid work and significantly increased our billing last year.’

‘We’ve got a website but we’re not maximizing it. The session gave us tools we will use. Will really help.’

‘I thought the session was a bit different – interesting. We’re introducing dashboards at partnership and team level; time targets, costs and average fees.’

‘I can now critique and analyse our accounts.’

‘We have changed the way supervision is structured.’

Management and Leadership Programme

Since November 2020, LAPG have been running a new online Management & Leadership Programme (MLP), aimed at Not for Profit organisations and funded through the Community Justice Fund. We have 91 participants – leaders and managers from across the legal advice sector and from all four countries of the UK.

The course is designed and delivered by Vicky Ling and Matt Howgate together with external speakers, Fiona Bawdon (Communications) and Phanuel Mutumburi (Equality and Diversity), and the Centre for Charity Effectiveness (Leadership). It’s proving to be a unique opportunity for them to learn, share knowledge and their experience and to take time to think about their own development as a leader and manager.

The MLP was based on the successful LAPG course the Certificate in Practice Management (CPM). We have been running this for some years designed to focus on the operational needs and sustainable functioning of private practices working in the legal aid sector. Previously a five day residential course, we have now re-formulated it to be online and the sessions are designed to be zoom friendly, through a structure of lectures, slides and structured breakout discussions.

We are currently developing the new MLP starting on 2022.

Details are yet to be announced.

Contact us if you have any questions about our courses or would like to add your name to the waiting list.

Comments from delegates:

‘These sessions are really valuable’

‘I’m loving the programme so far. It’s genuinely beneficial to me and I’ve learnt a great deal’

‘I’ve been able to reflect on the recent decisions we have made as an organisation with our CEO and have a much better understanding of our business plan and how operations and strategy fit together.’

‘I’ve found them very interesting with lots to think about afterwards, I’ve found them very relevant to my job’.

Plans to deliver regional events are under development and LAPG is always happy to develop courses for members and to run courses in-house.

Please contact us to discuss courses and prices office@lapg.co.uk